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Anti-Spam and Email Protection

As a small business you know that email is the lifeblood of your organisation. Without it you risk losing customer orders and damaging your reputation.

Proofpoint Essentials email security is fast, flexible and highly accurate providing pure clean email without the junk. Your instant-on emergency inbox ensures you never miss another email again.

It works by providing an interface which all your email hits first. Always on, always there, Proofpoint Essentials filters out virus, phishing-emails, spam and blocks attacks before they ever reach your network.

Drive Productivity

Proofpoint Essentials email security helps your business drive productivity by elimi-nating illegitimate and spam emails so your staff can focus on their work instead of trawling though and deleting unwanted messages.

Creating a rule to always allow a particular email in is just a one-click process. 

And, because less bandwidth is absorbed by junk email and malicious attacks, that means more speed for business tasks.


Save time & money

Helping boost your business’ productivity involves no start-up costs as no new hardware or network changes are required.

Should there be a time where your system can’t receive email then the emergency inbox kicks into life—instantly giving you access to send and receive vital messages without your clients ever noticing there is a problem.

It’s quick and easy to use as Concept set it all up for you.

Stay informed & in control

You remain in full control of your email server and set-tings. A simple MX record change is all that is needed to start protecting your business.

Every email which has been received or quarantined by Proofpoint is logged.

Sophisticated spam detec-tion engines provide a 98% detection rate while fault positives are reduced to 1 in 1.5 million messages.

Protect against Threats

Having the Proofpoint Interface protecting your email puts a barrier between cyber attacks, spam, fraud, email borne virus and  your mail server.

A complex farm of high performance servers analyse the email and block malicious attacks. Eight virus engines filter email from threats or unwanted content, whilst being constantly updated with new information.


Simple to set up, Proof Point Essentials email security is the fast, flexible and highly accurate way to protect your business communications.

Individual Quarantine Summaries
Every user receives their very own secure summary so you can be sure that private and confidential emails remain that way.

Emergency Inbox
As soon as the system identifies your mail server can’t receive emails, the emergency inbox springs into action—allowing you to send and receive email without your clients even knowing there is a problem.

Proofpoint Packages

  • Beginner—Simple email filtering and an emergency inbox available when you need it.
  • Business—with added instant replay and outbound relaying of messages; inbound and outbound messages are protected. Zero hour outbreak virus protection bridging the gap between detection and signatures being created.
  • Advanced—As business but adding a 10 year secure archive. Ideal for Finance and Health Care.

Simple white listing
As you release items from your quarantine summary, a white list is created to allow known emails through permanently. As you send emails out the addresses are automatically added to your white list.

Instant Replay
Accidentally deleted or missing emails can be replayed back down to the server so those vital emails aren’t lost forever!

Proofpoint Architecture

  • SSL 2048-bit encryption in transit
  • Private Cloud, fully redundant data centres
  • Multiple-layer firewalls with SPI
  • Global Network of fully redundant data-centres
  • Compatible across all browsers
  • Compatible with SMTP mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and GroupWise

Proofpoint Essentials Email Security PDF 

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