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Concept Cloud

As a small business you know how expensive equipment can be as well as the impact on your cash flow. Concept Cloud provides you with the tools and flexibility you need.

Concept Cloud eliminates large capital expenditure whilst providing you with enterprise level facilities for a simple monthly fee.  Scale your system up or down as your business grows and take advantage of truly anywhere working.


Drive Productivity

Concept Cloud provides each and every user with the core software tools and facilities they need to focus on their work. 

Because everyone has the same versions of software and access to the information they need, your staff can work without disruption. 

Having access to enterprise class systems and services allows us to help you create the ideal workplace where efficiency is key.


Save time & money

Using our technology and infrastructure means that it can be deployed quickly and reliably.  As your demands change, so does the system; with just a few clicks additional space, power or users can be enabled. 

Because you don’t have to purchase specialist equipment for each of our offices, you will save money which in turn will help keep your cash flow positive.

Stay informed & in control

Having one simple monthly bill means you have a clear view of your costs. As you business needs change, so too can the infrastructure and services we provide. 

Because this is your private cloud, all you need is one point of contact—us!  There’s no need to chase multiple providers and manage many disparate systems. 

Your system and your data remain in the North East of England  - within easy reach of your business.

Protect against Threats

Our systems are built with redundancy and resilience in mind.  From redundant equipment to diverse networks and backup power systems, your risk is minimised. 

Having anywhere access to your systems reduces your reliance upon the equipment in your office and provides you with the basis for a disaster recovery strategy. 

Our infrastructure is maintained by us and uses the latest security systems to protect your data.

Instead of investing in your own server and dedicated equipment in your office, subscribe to Concept Cloud. A fully private solution where your staff simply use our infrastructure as they would your own.


Concept Cloud provides a totally private system with all of the features of a small business server.  Share files, folders, emails, calendars and contacts whilst enjoying the benefit of working anywhere.  

 Secure and Reliable

Built on a resilient and diverse network, accessing your systems is not only reliable but also secure.  Encrypted access to the system keeps data secure whist our networks protect access in and out of the internet.  All of your systems and data is backed up each day, with recovery being almost instantaneous.

Concept Cloud Architecture

  • SSL 1024-bit encryption in transit
  • Multiple-layer firewalls with SPI
  • Redundant Server Clusters
  • Redundant Clustered Storage
  • Backup Power Systems
  • Diverse Internet Connections
  • Geographically Diverse Twinned-Mirror Site
  • Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services
  • Microsoft Exchange Email Services

Scalable to match your needs

Concept Cloud can be scaled up or down quickly and easily.  Adding additional users, software or increasing storage space is simple.  


Concept Cloud is billed as a monthly subscription consisting of a server cost and then a per user cost.  Within this subscription you have access to the latest Microsoft desktop products and exchange email services.

End-points supported

  • Windows XP, Pro 32-bit, x64 Edition
  • Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32bit, 64-bit)
  • Apple OS-X with Remote Desktop Connector

If you would like to find out more about Concept Cloud, take a look at our specialist Concept Cloud website.  You can find out more about how Private Cloud works on our blog page article

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