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Get access to everything you need here.  If you need to speak to a member of the support team then call 01207 234 637 or email

Client Portal:
Our client portal gives you access to our systems.  Here you can search and find issues, faults and requests, place new requests for work, ask for a quote and check on the progress of your projects.  Copy invoices, health check reports and much more are also available.  CLICK HERE

Emergency Inbox:
Your emergency inbox kicks into action in the event of a problem with your internet or email service.  Here you can check your incoming mail, respond to it and send out new mail without your customers even knowing there’s been a problem,  Once the problem is resolved, all of your messages will be delivered as usual.  CLICK HERE

Connect to a Technician:
Connect to a technician here: (only if we ask you to use this – nearly all of the thousands of machines we manage run our Remote Monitoring and Management software so this isn’t usually needed.)  CLICK HERE


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To know more about how our brilliant helpdesk team can help your business run more efficiently, then contact Concept IT Services today to tell us about your requirements.

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