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Hosted Exchange

As a small business, you know that communication is critical. With the power of Microsoft Exchange running on Concept Cloud you can be assured that everyone is always in-sync.

Microsoft Exchange provides you with a business-class email service.  Your mailbox will seamlessly syncronise across all of your computers, phones and tablets to keep your diary up to date, give you access to your address book and manage your task list no matter which one you pick up.  Whenever you compose a message, mark a message as read, move it to a folder or delete it, those changes are replicated everywhere - so you don't have to do it again.  

As well as keeping your communications organsised, Exchange can provide shared calendars, contacts, task lists and mail folders so all of your team can work together. Exchange gives you a rock-solid tool to ease collaboration between team members and promote effective teamwork.

Drive Productivity

Giving all of your team access to the same information allows them to work more productively, reduce time hunting for emails, phone numbers


Save time & money

Because all of your devices syncronise together, you'll spend less time organising and tidying up your messages - giving you more time to get on with productive tasks.  Go to client meetings armed with the latest information regardless of which device you use and let your team save time finding the content they need by using shared resources.  

You'll no longer suffer with diary-clashes, have to call round collegues to book in a team meeting or find that by the time you've arrange a time to meet, the meeting room is booked out.

You'll be able to save money too by ensuring that all of your emails are in one place - you no longer need to subscribe to the POP3 mail service, have a dedicated mailserver or maintain costly systems in-house.

Stay informed & in control

Advanced read and delivery receipts let you know what's happening with a message, rules and alerts can be configured to keep your inbox tidy, remind you of tasks and notify you when your key client sends you a message.

Proofpoint Essentials protects your inbox from junk email but rest assured that every message sent, received, blocked or quarantined is logged so you know exactly what's happening.

Protect against Threats

Sophisticated spam detection systems ensure your email is secure, fast and safe - providing pure clean email without the junk.

Access to your mailbox is protected by the latest Cisco firewalls and intrusion detection systems, 1024bit encryption and all stored locally in the North East of England.

Instead of investing in your own server and dedicated equipment in your office, subscribe to Concept Hosted Email. A fully maintained solution where your staff simply use our infrastructure as they would their own.


Personal Mailbox
Each user has their own mailbox where they can store and manage messages.  Your mailbox allows you to create folders, multiple calendars, task lists and notes.  With up to 25Gb of storage per user, there's plenty of space to store everything.

Anywhere Access
Accessing your emails is simple and available from almost anywhere.  Use Outlook on your work PC or Mac, use Outlook Webmail when you're visiting collegues or travelling, connect your mobile and tablet to keep up to date on the go

Endpoints Supported

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 onwards
  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac.
  • Windows Mobile
  • Apple iOS - iPhones, iPads, iPods
  • Android OS Phones and Tablets
  • Blackberry 10 OS onwards
  • Any web browser

Full Syncronisation
Unlike regular email services, Exchange keeps your email, contacts, diary, notes and tasks up to date everywhere.  No more duplicating your inbox clean up having to move and delete messages on each device.  No more missing emails because you sent them on your other device.  If you loose your phone, simply add your exchange account and everything is syncronised back.

Shared Calendars
With Exchange shared calendars, you can throw away the meeting room diary! Give the whole team access to see free / busy information, setup an administrator to accept booking requests or view your colleagues schedule to plan a meeting.

Shared Mail Folders
Client, Project or task related emails can easilly be stored in central shared mail folders.  Give your collegues access to all the emails to / from clients so they don't have to ask if someone has replied to the client.

Shared Contacts and Address Books
Shared address books in Exchange give all of your team access to up-to-date, current supplier and client contacts.  When a name, address, email or number changes, just do it once.  No more shouting across the office for a number or scrappy directory lists stuck to the wall.  

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