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We’re now less than one year away from one of the biggest changes to data security in two decades.

GDPR is a European regulation which comes in to force on 25th May 2018. Despite our intention to leave the EU, this regulation will be adopted into UK law and will continue to be in force after we leave.

GDPR affects every organisation regardless of size and type; any organisation storing personal data (even just an email address, telephone number or name) whether in a paper filing system or electronically, is required to comply.

If you have read anything about the new regulation or attended a seminar recently then you’re no doubt bewildered by the vast content and at a loss as to what you can do to comply.

A recent study has shown that less than 12% of UK business managers or directors say they fully understand what GDPR involves.

The New law is about greater transparency, enhanced rights for citizens and increased accountability

What does GDPR Cover?

  • Any organisation based inside Europe, or that interacts with European Citizens
  • Any data stored on a computer system, in an organised filing system or that is intended to be organised
  • Stipulates how we collect and use data
  • Any information relating to a person which can be used to identify them directly or indirectly
  • GDPR is a minimum standard - any other overlapping legislation or regulatory requirements supersede this

Key Areas to Consider

You must ensure you have a lawful basis for processing personal data - why do you need it and what are you going to use it for?

Consent must be given and you must be able to prove it - consent offers people genuine choice and control over how you use their data.

For the first time, GDPR will bring in special protection for chrildren's personal data

What to do

  • Implement appropriate technical and organisational measures
  • Why not attend one of our upcoming seminars to learn more

Once GDPR comes into force any organisation that doesn't comply will be breaking the law.
Fines from ICO will be issued in two tiers depending on the type of breach

  • Up to 10million Euros or 2% of turnover (whichever is greater)

  • Up to 20million Euros or 4% of turnover (whichever is greater)

The top tier is applied if sensitive data is breached, if the company is reckless with data or they don't co-operate.

The GDPR is being policed on two fronts;

  • The Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) is actively investigating businesses. They are recruiting 200 news staff to manage investigations and now have the powers to effectively change behaviours.

  • European Citizens are being empowered to request access to their data and report failings to the ICO. If organisations aren’t adhering to the GDPR they can raise a complaint direct to the ICO.

Since June 2017 we have been conducting a series of seminars to help you understand what your organisation must do and give you a clear plan of what you need to implement - look out for our next seminar and make sure you secure your place!

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