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At Concept, we don't just provide amazing IT Support and IT Services to businesses in the North East of England, we also like to share some of our knowledge and experience whilst providing guidance & insight.  Here you will find the latest information, advice and news from Concept.  If there are any topics you would like us to cover, please get in touch.  

25 September 2017
Better IT Support for your Business

We often come across companies that aren't happy with their IT provider but are too nervous to switch. They have been advised that their system is complex, they use bespoke software and that they must continue to use the existing supplier because they're the only ones who know how everything works and how to fix it...

Thankfully, we can prove them wrong! We recently got a call from a company with a very complex system operating over 8 locations throughout Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland. Unfortunately their existing IT consultant of 17 years died suddenly from a heart attack and they didn't know what to do.

After an initial site survey and consultation with the management team, we agreed a package to provide support to the entire business and set about our Onboarding process. Because we have compiled a very strong process through the development of our ISO9001 Quality Management System, we are able to effectively document the system and network without the need for information from the incumbent supplier.

As part of our Onboarding process, we complete a site audit followed by a security audit right at the start. We make sure that we understand what each part of your system is doing, what is dependent upon it, and how it works. We work directly with your third-party software providers to ensure we're meeting their needs whilst providing them with the systems and support needed.

Almost every one of our clients has sector specific or bespoke software which their business is totally dependent upon and as a result, we're good at finding out how it works…perhaps we're just nosey!

Once we've compiled all of the information about your system, we then find out how you use it and what your staff need. Understanding the system is only half of the story - we need to understand how your staff work, your business, the processes, the critical services and functions. 

Every bit of information we gleam is diligently added into iTrac (our in-house management system) so that we've got everything at our fingertips when you need us most. We even setup default service level agreements for each piece of equipment and software which you depend on.

A dedicated account manager and technician is allocated to you and they will ensure that your system is managed and maintained according to strategy developed during our account reviews.  Because we’re with you every step of the way, we can take the stress and hassle out of the transition – after all if you’re not satisfied with your existing provider then why put up with it!

Our iTrac Live management system is deployed to each computer, laptop and server we support so we can ensure it’s always running at its optimum. Not only does iTrac Live keep an eye on how the system is running, it also collects diagnostic information so we can advise you accurately on updates and improvements - taking the guessing work out of capacity planning.

Once you’re settled and sorted into the swing of things, we prepare a remedial and recommendations document which highlights any issues or vulnerabilities we’ve spotted. We also look for ways that we can make life easier for you, shorten a process or improve a service. After all, that’s what we’re about – making IT work for you…

Because we want to make sure we deliver the best service possible, we send out a short survey upon completion of EVERY fault or request. This way we can gather genuine feedback about how we’ve done as it happens. There’s no point in waiting 3-6 months to ask if you’re happy – we want to know now!

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